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            Continuous voltage & Temperature detection, Calculate SOC, SOH and SOF

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            Continuous voltage detection:
            continuous detection of battery voltage through internal proportional attenuation
            Continuous current detection:
            The current flowing through the battery is detected by collecting the voltage at both ends of the
            two sets of shunt and collector, which is encapsulated to the inside and a 110000 micro ohm shunt.
            Continuous Temperature detection:
            – There are two internal temperature sensors to choose from, one is the NTC resistance
            temperature sensor outside the chip, the other is semiconductor temperature sensor inside the chip.
            Detect the temperature of the negative electrode of the battery.
            Calculate SOC, SOH and SOF
            SOC is calculated by open circuit voltage method and ampere hour integration method. Calculate
            SOH through the current characteristic curve when the engine is started;
            Monitor vehicle sleep current; With self diagnosis function,Wake up function in sleep mode.
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