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            Outdo Sensor located in Wuhan, the Auto city of China. Committed to the R&D, manufacturing and sales of automotive sensors and controllers. Main products include pressure sensors, differential pressure sensors, temperature sensors, speed sensors, IBS smart battery sensors, rocker switches, and control panels etc. Outdo has a core R&D team that has been deeply involved in the sensor field for many years, and has advanced MEMS pressure sensor component silicon manufacturing technology. Independently develops MEMS oil-filled pressure cores with high media compatibility. stable output performance, low cost, broad application and unlimited market potential.

            Wuhan Outdo adheres to the enterprise development vision of " Shaping the future in sensor", and commit to providing the best cost-effective sensors for domestic and oversea’s markets. Our sensor products and solutions are applied in commercial vehicle Giant such as Sinotruk, LOVOL, XCMG, Geely, Sany etc. and other construction machinery brands Yuchai Power, Shangchai Power, Thomson, Hefei Weir and other power systems and related enterprises. Products are exported to Europe and the United States. We are the first-level supplier of MAZ, top brand of trucks in Belarus, looking forward to working with you!

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            New Chip-in-Oil sensor applied to fuel blockage and combustion, Micro pressure measurement of battery electrolyte for sweeping robots, dishwashing etc. Liquid level sensors are equipped with Great Wall motors, Geely, Chang'an, and Li Auto.

            The products are equipped with Dongfeng Special Body Factory, Sanhuan automobile and Fangding. It is recognized as a "Gazelle enterprise" in Wuhan. Complete the standard production process of capacitive pressure sensor.

            BCM, DCM and two in one control production line were successfully established. The 1880000 electronic pressure sensors went offline. The products are equipped with Dongfeng Special Body Factory, Sanhuan automobile and Fangding. Establishmen

            The 1880000 electronic sensors went offline. The products are matched with XCMG automobile, Wuzheng automobile and United heavy truck. Passed Yuchai supplier review. Complete the development of EGR temperature sensor and differential pressu

            It was rated as "national high-tech enterprise". Can air conditioning control panel is patented. The products are equipped with beiben and Valin heavy trucks. Passed Geely commercial vehicle supplier review.

            It has passed iatf16949:2016 quality system certification. The batch production line of air conditioning electrical parts (temperature tower head, temperature controller, speed regulation module, damper motor and control panel) has bee

            Passed ISO9001 quality system certification. High cost performance silicon piezoresistive electronic pressure sensor has obtained a patent. Silicon piezoresistive electronic pressure sensor, speed sensor and temperature sensor were off

            The company moved to chedu Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone and Outdo sensor Co., Ltd. was established.

            The production line of ceramic piezoresistive electronic pressure sensor was successfully established. Realize the complete matching and replacement of Siemens and Bosch Europe 3 series sensor products.

            Outdo auto parts was established. The German analog signal conditioning scheme is introduced to realize the direct conversion of pressure physical quantity into analog voltage output.

            • Wuhan Outdo Sensor Co., Ltd

              Building 6 Oriental Industrial Park No.67 Chuangye Road, Wuhan, China
            contact us
            • 027-63084919

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